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Most of the time when you sell things on eBay you will not face any issues at all and the transaction will go through smoothly, this has generally been my experience anyway. Recently though, I sold an item on eBay to a buyer with 0% feedback and I just wanted to share a little bit about the experience as it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Every buyer on eBay starts with 0 feedback . Probably 10 - 20% of the population of the USA use a P.O. Box as an address . My guess is that there is less chance of grief from a zero feedback buyer than a buyer with a couple fo hundred, certainly that is my personal experience. the trouble is imo, a buyer with 0 fb has less vested interest or track record , and if they want to 'buy' a small valuable item then send something else back all they have to do under ebays rules is say they recieved something different ..

Ebay 0 feedback buyer

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In Swedish media and no doubt in other countries as well, Police and other authorities and maybe the websites themselves, do what they can from time to time, in  0 bids. $6.95 Shipping. Location: Orange,CA,USA. Vintage 3 Sterling Silver Enamel Spoons. $ GUARANTEE: The buyer has right to return the item if it is not as described. Strive to provide 5-Star Service and earn Positive Feedback.

Ebay sent him something asking if he agreed to cancel the transaction and he said he was. I feel bad having to lump all the citizens of a country together as acceptable risk or too risky, but I blame that on Paypal and ebay. Paypal will give the buyer their money back almost every time and ebay won't even let you give the buyer a negative feedback.

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Vi har skapat en tråd på diskussionsdelen för feedback och tekniska frågeställningar. They sell them on ebay in no reserve auctions, claiming it to be a Anyone familiar with buying on ebay knows that as long as the item is  EBay Auction Tracking Software 5 1 0 subject line: Refund Request Helpful links Leave feedback - Tell us how the sale went My eBay - Track your buying and  Vendedor/Seller:retro_pixelss 100.0 % Votos positivos/positive Feedback It is your responsibility to research this prior to buying this game.

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Ebay 0 feedback buyer

No buyer protection for money back and buyers get negative retaliation evaluation Thank you for your honest feedback, we are very sorry that you have had a I am already on ebay and decided to join Tradera to increase my total selling. Buyer's address, An der Haube 17 Lengede, 38268 Germany. Store: eBAY Leave many negative feedback for China seller on electronics charles Rivenbark,, 2018-05-17, 0.

Ebay 0 feedback buyer

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Ebay 0 feedback buyer

Apparently 0 feedback passes through, as long as  11 Jul 2017 I'm about to list in my auctions that no zero feedback members can bid. How do the rest of you handle it?

Most of my buyers pay right away. Some wait until I file a non-payer bidder report.
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You can leave Feedback for several items at a time, or do it one by one. Go to Orders in Seller Hub or Sold in My eBay. Choose the item(s), then select Leave Feedback.